Saturday, August 4, 2012

Chapter 10: Simile

             Throughout Slaughterhouse-Five, there are countless numbers of similes and metaphors. One of the reoccurring similes that was used earlier by Vonnegut makes a reappearance at the end of the novel. The simile appears in the passage, "There were hundreds of corpse mines operating by and by. They didn't smell bad at first, were wax museums. But then the bodies rotten and liquefied, and the stink was like roses and mustard gas" (Vonnegut 214). Now, I am not exactly sure what roses and mustard gas smells like, but it must be awful since it is being compared to rotten flesh. This made me think of earlier in the novel, when Vonnegut compared his breath to roses and mustard gas. I personally find it odd how his breath and rotting corpses can be compared to the same thing. Anyways, Slaughterhouse-Five was a very confusing novel to begin with, but by the end, I found it to be very enjoyable with great themes. This was probably one of the better novels that I had to read.

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